Creativity leads to ideas

The difference between creative people and uncreative people is that those who believe themselves to be creative are;those who don’t aren’t

A few affirmations, repeated regularly, can strengthen your self-image as a creative person

  • I am highly creative and love expressing my creativity
  • There are an unlimited number of excellent ideas in my subconscious right now
  • I trust my ideas and act on them quickly
  • My creative spirit cannot be limited. It expands and grows brighter
  • My ideas are the ancestors of my success. I welcome new and better ideas every day
  • The more ideas I use; the more I get
  • I enjoy creating the life of my dreams

Remember that trusting your own creativity means nothing unless you are willing to act on them

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes (Marcel Proust) 

Try to see something new every day

Ideas are frequently a solution to a problem or a better way of doing something


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