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Ten things people misunderstand about me: No.2

2) My nationality

Firstly, I am Thai. I was born in Thailand. So were my parents. But my grandparents are from China. That is the reason that I do not look like Thai. Thai people appearance from foreigner point of view would be dark and big eyes. I am white and has small eyes like Chinese. However, People still do not think I am Chinese, Most people think I am Japanese although I think I look like Chinese more than Japanese.  Probably this is because of my hair style and clothes. Anyway, I also think that Chinese and Japanese are quite alike. 

Ten things people misunderstand about me: No.1

I think I can write about “Ten things people misunderstand about me” although I never actually count to ten. XD Anyway, I start with

1) My age

People always think I am younger than my actual age. It varies from at least three years younger to ten years XD I am glad but I could not help thinking that it is because of my appearance or my actions. Also, I think one main reason would be because I exercise regularly since I was a kid. I believe exercise makes you not only healthy but also looks younger. My motivation about exercise is that I feel refresh during and after exercise. I hope I can stay young as long as I can XD